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them. But this part of my subject may exhibit itself in another aspect,

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Dr. W. B. Dorsett, of St. Louis, read a paper before the American

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2. Degree of the Joint Affection in Servants in relation to the degree of the Heart Affection

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service on tender of resignation, to take effect September 30.

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convalescence was slow, but he made a good recovery.

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19 -bon, B. 20 gecnocobe, B. 21 -he&l-, B. 22 gecnocobe, B.

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they quickly dilate again, as is evident from absence or

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of the cause, and seldom leading to general and gradual

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exposed by dissection and excised. The extension of the con-

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the genus, which we sincerely hope no accident will prevent the

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Melanaemia. In old and severe malarial cases, especially after an

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transfusion of blood ; but in the ordinary run of obstetrical cases,

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Birtiis, Deaths, and Marriages, Monthly Journal of Mental Science, — Anril.

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applied to the chapel, which was held to be a model

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' Archiv f. Laryngol., Bcrl., 1912, xxvi, pp. 529-G86.

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has been disproven in rat hearts,*® where an a^-adrenergic,

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latoreys high, are enclosed, with ample recreation space, within

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of this law has been violated shall the person so violating be entitled to

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safer to perform both operations simultaneously, the nerve being avulsed,

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in one instance it required 15 days. This is longer tiian

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For a year she felt very well, during which time she worked

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mind at once ; and we left her still making the vain effort. In the light of these

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In any acute infectious disease there may be a return of the specific symptoms,

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mortality beuig due to the severity of the operation, especially where this

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of ewes since the 1st of May, and he also lost annually from

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of chronic ill-conditioned ulcers, removing the odor of the dis-

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mean by the terms you use. You may have a great deal of

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is always confined to the posterior half of the cord, and usually to the

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