Zocor Rash


his own experience, and careful study of facts from the experience

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nected with the growth of the bones. As a result of an increased absorption

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pleura, and meninges. In gout, the complications are extremely

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practical. His fluency and facility of language give him

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process, it may be notched, perforated, or separated.

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established himself securely as an able physician, and as such be-

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crime on the admitted plea of insanity, Mark Twain, with his

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is laid in its grave. Give cicnta and cznanthe crocata." As she

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hospitals, who has been Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, first in the

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perforations is in proportion to the velocity of the projectile.

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rule without any exceptions. Prognosis of a bullet wound

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National Defense, Medical Section. He is affiliated in membership

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practice of his profession with Dr. T. Gaillard Thomas. From the

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discussed this condition as a trance state following inebriety.

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Her practice, while extensive as a general one, has become

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After several incidental matters had been disposed of, the

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so that the patient may not be disturbed every hour through the night

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him, a resident of Buffalo, an active Red Cross worker.

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and Surgeons of Columbia University, from which he received in due

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He contributed useful articles to current medical literature, having

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familiar with the facts, that we no longer wonder at the speedy

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free of the poison, it would be practically impossible to become

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county of New York, held May 27, 1885, the following resolutions were read and

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heart is at all frequent in anaemia. Increase in the cardiac dullness is ob-

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Diseases of the Tongue. By Henry T. Butlin, F.R.C.S. Philadelphia: Lea

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orders : their' Diagnosis and Treatment. By Lionel S.

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time Professor of Materia Medica, Botany, and Pharma-

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ignated merely as " chronic polyarthritis," or, in accordance with what has

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matisms caused by the present projectiles, is probably not

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no means exceptional to see a case of articular rheumatism in which no history

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and was interested in many charities and benevolences.

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two lessons, the first of which describes the microscope, and

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that of his election to the presidency of the American Surgical Asso-

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than long. In contact with the bones they undergo typical

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serene heights of conscious perfection only scaled by the Eng-

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