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cations on the subject is an account by Dr. Rockwell of forty-five cases ;
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long as a high temperature lasts, to obviate the imminent risk of death
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typhoid state, and coma usually precedes death. Or the patient may die
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portal obstruction), or of the lymph (as in chronic oedema, sclerema,
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can lasix cause renal failure in dogs
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tenor of some articles in the periodical press, it is impossible to foresee
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duce a washing out effect, which probably would be obtained quite as
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use of lasix for hypertension
the serum, the inorganic before the organic solids, the chlorides before
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We shall, therefore, content ourselves by simply transcribing the con-
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Unfortunately, as Dr. Boxall has clearly shown, as yet there is no
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been observed ; but this is the exception, not the rule.
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addition of an antiseptic, such as spirits of chloroform, and of warming
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nating there, or transmitted from some disorder of other parts, such as
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which will embrace tlie discovery of an universal law of nature, wbich
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vaginal secretions, which do not exist after delivery in the uterine dis-
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section of the spinal cord were such as to show that the animals experi-
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of the thorax, if they be not accompanied by disordered conditions of
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vessels, no indication of diapedesis through their Avails. The leucocytes,
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vital organs. Bad scalds, therefore, do not require applications so stimu-
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Hollow viscera with muscular fibres in their walls afford examples
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be utterly impossible that the skin should retain, as it invariably does
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duced into or to break out in any place, its restriction must depend upon
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No stimidants are to be given. On recovery the diet must be light,
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the pus, or discharges, in the membranous deposit which is sometimes
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found in the elaborate account by Dr. H. Faure-Miller {Les Bains Froids
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Medical Value of the Nitrogenous Tepid Water of Buxton," Lancet, 1872 and 1874.— 46.
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(4) Ehiiich (1891) clearly brought forward the important fact that
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prize medals. It is almost useless to contend with him in an enterprise
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the latter we shall consider subsequently. Degeneration and involution
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bacillus is characteristic of the disease. So far it has not been dis-
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oight with wandering pains, he found no repose. At this critical time,
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tion of vapours of certain medicines volatile at low temperatures, such as
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Loffler bacillus has been established. (1) If we except the cat, spontaneous
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surface, that an equilibrium is established between its intensity and tbe
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increased, she dismissed him ; and he adds, '* If my memory do not fail
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the mild epidemic of Astrakhan and the severe one of Resht; and tlie
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in the laboratory. Thus of dogs which are relatively resistant to
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of practice adopted by the physicians in this region. I would not state
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for weeks. Another change consists in a proliferation of the muscle


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