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regular, 70 to minute. No marked sclerosis. Systolic blood pressure
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of spinal lymphocytosis suggested the diagnosis of epidemic encephalitis.
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to study the symptom-complex of cerebellar lesions, and from its analysis to
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ly the same symptoms as the first patient, although not all so
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of food. The same has been observed in rats by Hopkins and by Drummond.
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It can usually be controlled by means of phenacetin and codeine.
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longed spree, he developed cough and sputum. The cough was paroxysmal
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* " Unsuccessful attempts may render a case extremely difficult ; which was
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occurred late in the disease, seldom earlier than the sixth week after the
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A few months afterwards Remlinger (Compt. rend Soc. de biol., 1919, 82,
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a somewhat greater number of bacteria than the normal animal and the
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1098) noticed a similar occurrence in rabbits inoculated subcutaneously with
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nation. [Studies on the relations between agglutination and co-aggluti-
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nitrite or trinitrin. The hypotensive action of the drug lasts several days,
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Hemoglobin Metabolism in Malaria, Ann. Trop. Med. and Par., 1910, iv, 13.
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Description of a very large malignant adenoma of the anterior lobe of
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ca.ses, the peribronchial glands being constantly involved. He
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tree par la radiographie. [Decalcification through disorders of nutrition
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Caution must also be used in treating tuberculosis: overdosage may
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greatly reduced (44-9 mm. per hour on an average). It was also reduced


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