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acrid, excoriating the throat, tongue, and lips. The microscope shows

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mation of the bladder. Normal urine has what is called an acid

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discovered a uterine fibroid which bethought was the

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taneous injury to the ulna, the adhesive-plaster pad must be

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learned since." Believe me, gentlemen, it is not my

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that of changing the direction of the eye, to turn it

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one of hypocrisy, and for demagogic purposes only. If

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the ophthalmoscope the fundus was hazy, and the retinal blood-

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treat them, however, for it does nothing to build up

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The Wassermann reaction proving positive, I gave her, on November

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more rapidly after removal from cold storage than undrawn. This is

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fined to an occasional one in each section, princi-

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This test was against the same body-strain as that used for the previous

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large in the majority of cases ; in other epidemics the local aflfection is con-

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Chlorides. — In every case the water became brown on the transmission of the

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of typhoid fever than any other acute infection and occurred at onset

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usually occurs from cardiac arrest in systole, in which con-

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but sometimes minor degrees of stuper, although generallv

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with a gum, gum resins, and if mixed with benzoic or einnamic acid,

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the mutation destroys one of the MnW sites within this

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enlarged lymphatic glands. There was, in addition, an area of

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thesia was quickly induced. The ether chamber could

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this period. About the middle of this century there arose

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of the cribriform plate. The falx cerebri is attached to it. In

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sentatives in State legislatures and in Washington.

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questions, Marmoreck*s anti-streptococcus serum even receives favorable

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Such sputa respond to Gmelin's test for bile-pigment (see p. 575 et seq.),

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principle, a recurrent illness of variable type. In the immense majority

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after admission, before he was seen by the visiting physician.

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January Vdth, 1850. — The subject of this case has since revisited

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vards." The passage at its west end also communicates

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1909) has investigated by an experimental method the relation

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Mr. James W. Wilson, of Aberdeen, Scotland, has published a

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Alcohol seems to increase the effusion and should not be given. During

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Railway, or any other railway for that matter, or corporation, the

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thesia when locally applied. 7. Hydrastine, in small

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and widely known family of that city. Mrs. Olive and two sons

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within the first few hours of the onset in acute cases, so as to permit


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