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the accident the fragment was removed. A fiap of tissue was

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HOSPITAL FOR SICK CHILDREN, Great Ormond Street, Bloomsbury,

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Death Valley, is, in fact, below the sea level. The name was

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ticles out of the nucleus, and as to their finding their way out

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catarrh have been gore for some time, and the child is now well and

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burials at the general cemetery during August and September

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army. If the Star would now tell us what proportion of

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laxation, and consequently to lengthen the diastolic period,

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Gallery contained 11 micro-organisms in two gallons, in the

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and scarlet fever. On the whole, therefore, enteric fever may

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buted. The '' sifting," which is really a means of mixing to

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permanently closed according to the nature of the obstruction

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matter with a determination to take broad facts, and not be

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salaries, and a very strong feeling exists in many quarters in

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found to be shortened three-quarters of an inch, with some

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tubercle was caused by the tubercle bacillus. Those who only

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-loved and served so well. The mess is now a very admirable one, the War

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pears in twelve hours, but sometimes lasts weeks. Death

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been called in consultation to see. Six or seven gall stones

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clients of the iSei'd'iu contended that the belts were useless for medical

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of suffering men and women by a delusive and pretended remedy. The

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the Highgate Siaall-pox Hospital, on Saturday last, March ith. The num-

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the Leeds General Infirmary, vice B. G. Moynihan, jl.B.Loud., re-

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We learn that Professor Tizzoni, while pursuing his re-

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squalor and overcrowding, practically an accumulation of

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A Country Doctor wiiies : The following personal experience may be

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pilocarpin may, in many cases, be of great service iia this

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Further, we have been able to demonstrate that it is with-

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obtained by less royal j^aths, does not carry with it the right

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the author that measles and German measles were merely

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of an antagonism due to the formation of antitoxic material.

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METROPOLIT.\N ASYLUMS BO.ARD.-Fir'st .^.ssistant Medical Officer

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