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treatment which requires special niention. Unsuitable sur-
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sequence of the small capacity of the stomach, and from tlie disturbance with
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skin, characterized by transient patches of redness, of small
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If severe colic is present, a small quantity of opium may
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and so they are, perhaps, but they cannot keep it up.
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Socio-Economics to study the market for an alternate plan.
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WB dm- to the extravasation of a t Ilin Layer of blood.
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of the ventricular systole, during which time it has been re-
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it appears to have been used by Demetrius Pepagomenus, in
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presently he implies that a diseased one may be removed even if not so much
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itraconazole dose for candidiasis
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ous to the interference of the relatives, with the sub-
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tion of the superior maxilla, it is found that the line of fracture
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following day, January 19th, the graver symptoms reappeared
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medical officers by his silly jealousy of the non comba-
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amount of blood impelled into the artery at each contraction.
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ian or cortical epilepsy). It does not appear to be established in ^\hat
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of this condition, the same characteristic swelling appeared
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lived in Southern California three-fourths of the time for ten years
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the distal end of the tii-st phalanx of the thumb in the
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(W. H.) Some of the dangers of an impure meat and milk
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The cord was not included. The blades locked without trouble.
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after operation bowels improved : 4 days after, reflexes and sensa-
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" Maltine is made from three cereals, barley, wheat, and oats. It is rich
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ing from continuous lameness of ankle joints due to injuries received, and in-
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chemical constituents are, C. 42 > H. 22 » N. 2 > 0. 4. It is recognisable,
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operations, one or another would be preferred by the operator,
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fit was at hand, he called unto the wife of the patient to bring
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sh'ght pain of the head and loss of appetite : symptoms not more
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sels, from location or construction may be specially
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seen in typhoid fever of short duration. In other cases the fever curve
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sity catalogues of the next half-dozen years will reveal the opin-
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come by antiseptics ; and (3) diphthei-itic throat, whore
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in surgerv, but the disturbing question with me today is — ARE WE
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and forming the before mentioned vallies. They neither flow
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takes place, and often a slight moisture breaks out upon the
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gen) . Still larger amounts, such as 10 grams and more, are exceptional
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current year of its existence, now the sixth, will certainly not
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(2) The equalization of temperature throughout a hut or hut chamber
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as depending upon tuberculosis of the larynx, are found in nearly half
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A grain of blue vitriol, or carmine, will tinge a gallon of water, so
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motility of the stomach impaired. Quantities of food
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to recite and enlarge upon our experience with the hope that
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due to dirt, irritation, etc., and the infectious varieties
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the mosquito, as Schaudinn figured them, and as 1 have found
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The effects of tuberculin were ascribed by v. Behring to the thymin


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