Silvitrata Quarteira


The attacks of hemorrhage, from which he suffers al-
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longer periods; and 38 were in fair, 47 in poor, and 31 in weak
Clabkson, E, M.D., H.E.I.C.S., at 20, Broughton-place, Edinburgh, on
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Deneffe and Vax Wetter, of the Ghent University, in eleven cases, and always
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In speaking of the bacteriological laboratory which was thoroughly
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question naturally arose, Why is not triphenyichlormethane, or the bromme-
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Hart 10 has also recognized derangement of intraventricular conduc-
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liquid (water) ; or muriatic acid gas and ammonia unite to form a
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ings is made if any sign of saturation is noted, but the
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Sva-evrepia, signifying a bowel trouble, and was first employed by
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excised, the chloride of zinc paste may be spread on a piece of
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Society, if I entered into the controversies which took place at
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The treatment should be prompt and vigorous, in which case
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Adhesions (perhaps better termed " cohesions "), such as I
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But, short of this severe condition, almost all degrees of ichthyosis
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frequent cause. The two ducts of the pancreas anastomose within the
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conditions are obscure because of the composite nature
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ceeded in getting tetanus cultures from scrapings made
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Popliteal Aneurism. — Dr. Warren reported the case, which came under his
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the time of operation to be in a most unfavorable con-
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dilatation is really an essential part of the disease. If he
cians; Dr. Calvin B. Coulter, chief of laboratories;
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Dr. W. F. Phillips, Dean, Geo. Wash. Univ., Dept. of Medicine.
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Cooper, &c. Abemethy rejected the trepan in cases of fracture with
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less degree of paralysis of the Avhole arm ; or, it may be, of the leg also,
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Interesting '' Eemarks on 6,657 Administrations of Anaesthetics
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forfeited the reputation of his integrity, he is set
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We numbered one hundred and fifty — all the noted oculists of
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