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From ten to sixty drops of the solution were given at intervals, varying

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Kxsurrence of the eruption in the parts aflected. It appears not to be

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Dbgomposition, effects of gaseous products of, upon health, 16


tant part in what Matthew Duncan has designated as sapracmia.-

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212-214. — ITIeisst^n. Fieber und Hyporthermie; eiu i?all

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not only the two synovial sacs between the bones, but

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committee had the advantage of inspecting M. Bertillon's methods of

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enjoy. As already stated, Eurasians and native Christians have

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passed into the liver in various directions, but no pus

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the proportion of deaths is 1 to 11 of the primiparous and 1 to 31*2 among

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known that eggs with shells unbroken are tainted when placed near others

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firmly around Douglas' pouch that it had set up an inflammation in the

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and any constitutional tendency to disease rectified, as far as may be

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able by any one familiar with the microbes of the calf's-

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The glands of the bronchial mucosa must also be reckoned with.

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loss of toluene. Whenever aliquot portions were taken for analysis

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bardism in literature, the yellow newspaper in science,

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of the venerable and world-renowned Professor Velpeau.

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the last two where our knowledge is based on what we see

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hydrogen and its consequent oxidizing and antiseptic

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here in the reduction of long-standing cases of inverted uterus. Nothing

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Laminaria diyitata. Although now largely employed by many,

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Health show nearly one-third of the deaths to be due to

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of movement to the complex mechanism of the animal economy.

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when used as above. The peas, when once cooked, must not

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destruction of the corpuscles corresponding to the segmentation of the

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and dew- spangled carpet of pure nature. What a beautiful, noble and

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aspects, or endow them with quahties which are not inherent in them, but

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nature of the cause of an inflammatory disease, that mainly deters

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detection of calculi in the urine in such cases, where all the symptoms

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hypertrophy of the heart ; first, as a chemical poison in the produc-

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rupted the Association's treasury." — Medical Stand-

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Gesellsch. f Chir., Berl., 1877, vi, pt. 2, 220-243, 1 pi.

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