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dition, now a melancholic one ; second, that not only does every grade

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amount of urea eliminated. Although, as has been stated, the symptoms

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certainly distinct from all other diseases, and is entirely incapable of pro-

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varying from the slightest loss of sensation or of motion to complete

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frequently occur. If such an attack occur at night, the patient may

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the blood. It is especially in syncopal apoplexy that compressing the

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immediately above and below the clavicle, also in the supraspinous fossae,

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than normal, often containing minute cysts varying in size from that of

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compressed, may become obliterated. Thrombi frequently are formed in

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per cent, of all cases a definite variety, the diplococcus pneumonise, is

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In some cases of incipient phthisis the inhalation of compressed air

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remedy. Creosote is among the most valuable of the drugs ; it should be

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and in the hemorrhagic cases speckled with blood. The glomeruli and

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chill, the fever, and the sweat. The first stage commences with a feeling

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the fissure of Sylvius with sensory aphasia. Ptosis may occur on the

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inflammation of the fibrous tissue of the neck, whether proceeding

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sema occurs at all periods of life, but is most common in middle age, and

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act of walking raises the foot by flexing the hip -joint and then places it

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after reading and meditating upon them, one can but be persuaded

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epithelium, and leukocytes may be present, but red blood- corpuscles are

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terior wall of the pharynx may be affected, the disease even extend-

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and to irregular paroxysmal alterations of temperature without apparent

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analogous to those of a dermatitis, and in variolous cesophagitis typical

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instances have been reported of abscess of the brain as a complication.

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tain whether the subject should or should not be considered sick, to the

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acteristic of leukaemia, according to Ehrlich, is the large granular mono-

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failure of the general nutrition. Some persons with very feeble digestion

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low tyramine diet and zyvox

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gout, chronic rheumatism, and diabetes. The relation between chronic

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masses, as stones, coins, glass, nails, or false teeth. The common ab-

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deal with other great things of the day. AVithin these forty years,

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DEFINITION. Arrest of circulation in the brain by embolic or throm-

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may vary in size from that of a pin's head upward. The liver, especially


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