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an animal apart from hunger, such cases should be care-
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assisted the University and the Eoyal Colleges to maintain the
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times boiling will render a bad water less injurious, but to the
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Typhoid symptoms were developed in the stage of desqua-
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away by copious draughts of hot water, and that the apparatus
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(a) Under the general causes may be mentioned fatigue,
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advocates of the water treatment; while in every country and in almost every
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discovery to the physician now that much has already been said of its value
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The Indian experience appears to indicate that the likelihood of
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physical condition was given again good ensilage and a small
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lead, vitriol and red precipitate to eat out the dead flesh;
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this paper. The reagents employed for their determina-
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showed that permeation of the lymphatics preceded the in-
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it may be asked if our minds are made up as to whether man
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oortwyk de utero gravido. p. 7: h De Aere , loci; Sc aquff.
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basis of much of the present-day smallpox, and much of the anti-vaccination
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and the entire tumor was expelled. On examination, later in the
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The resultant evils of such a policy are too numerous and manifest
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"inclusions" identical with the "inclusion" of initial
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The antipyretic effects of salicylic acid is one of the most
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tissue, in which the walls of the alveoli are enormously thickened ;
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morphine and opium. It is the anodyne par excellence.
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during a year. Another point: The first- intimation
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There were cough, hurried respiration, nasal discharge, thirst, loss of
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nervous condition of the patient are considered, together
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shoulder blade known as the acromion; it is the acromion process
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closely resembling in appearance the normal renal epithelium. The
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Should 1 be so unfortunate as to see another so se-
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the method of estimation may be appreciated, we have given both the
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by adding half the quantity each time, and by keeping these
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its purpose with the least danger of irritating coils of intestine.
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gives evidence of the widespread interest felt in that
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vomiting, weakness, restlessness, pallor, perspiration and collapse) can occur even with tne usual
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facility in dealing with patients and a remarkable intui-
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as the prevention of yellow fever is concerned, is to
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