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a few years ago from the joint pens of the late Dr.

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art grown thick thou art covered with fatness then he forsook

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Generally speaking they may I believe be distinguished

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in the urine it is not surprising that pyeUtis cystitis and in


great febrile excitement with agonising local pain and was accompanied

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Hospital No. Changes in the Bone Marrow in the Terminal

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lifted the uterus out of the abdominal cavity when it

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blindfolded and now he nt her fivget Sight to several tests. He first

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plethora which was described as magnus et tardus distinctions

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salts the bulk of the gross uratic deposits met with in the tissues

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year it prevailed in some parts of the Continent and more espe

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the diffuse lymphocytic infiltrations in the liver and kidneys and from

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to the renal area in per cent to the upper abdominal quad

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the outer side by the mucous membrane of the meatus and on

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bodies. The left kidney was large but was preserved for

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deprived of life. Several hypotheses have been proposed concerning

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it must of necessity reflect in some way every variation

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TREATMENT of abscess of the brain should be by anticipation

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Does any one feel that the narrow and difficult path

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is augmented and by increased respiratory movements more heat is

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other joints are affected. In all such cases the joints become over

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ton held a meeting im the th of August for tlie pur

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fore not a little remarkable that its alkaloid should suddenly

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due to extension of fibroid pleurisy syphilis healing of gummata tuber

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borax as an antiseptic powder the other antiseptics in

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Hysterical symptoms were repeatedly prominent during the early

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but very satisfactorily if allowed to act long enough.

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American Agriculturist New York weekly a year gives a larger amount


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