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we believe, is universally known outside the walls of

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to advise against its use in all cases of delirium tremens.

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It is interesting to note that a smaller amount of urea is found in

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these circumstances I take it that contraction of the uterus will not

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under the skin of the animal were unsuccessful, thus

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colic are not infrequently confounded, nor is it always easy to distinguish,

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liberal donations of reading matter. The great mercantile maelstrom of New

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urethra. Chemical injury of the bladder may cause a refiex albuminuria

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can be made by blood-cultures, or cultures from the stool or

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ditionally into mediaeval philosophy, with its bewildering

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Drypoint by Edvard Munch (Norwegian, 1863-1944), executed at Berlin, 1894. See full page

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thing in slighting other means of treatment Still, it did

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appafendy for the first time, that the vreelefn par^ of ttfe^

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onlv pain may be epigastric imposition. The protrusion of

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ahondant, it denotes dysentery. This form of diarrhoea is represented by

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system: — (1) That the use of glasses is prohibited during the

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ascribe it to some peculiar state or function of the body itself."

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head of Indigestion, (which see). In recent cases, it is particularly indi-

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of the Royal Society of Medicine), Emeritus Professor Francis

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that there was a deviation of the axis of one eye. In con-

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quiclvly than either the fresh or dried gland substance. It is a preparation of a


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