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From all this we must conclude that the expression recovery from a

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were the first to demonstrate clearly the etiological role of the spiro

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same sitting immediately after the artificial opening has been made or at some

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week ending May th new cases the week ending June d

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Home treatment and climatic treatment differ in the followino

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Dr. Wesley H. Labaw of Boston spent his summer holidays at

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as follows Up to eight or nine months of age nothing worthy of

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oozes out a little thick pus or puriform discharge.

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the furnace but a something by and through which the

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constitutional causes such as syphilis and emphasises the

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we start treatment with mercury in the form of inunctions or the yellow

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If in enumerating the neurasthenic conditions referable to the nose

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than that of a neat Jersey cow which she was when in her

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to consider the anatomy of the femoral ring and femoral canal

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four tuhercles which had united together were diYided and

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know that the state of that function is intimately connected

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lies with the head burrowing into the pillow or remains persistently


pipe. The disease not unf requently afFects men but so rarely af

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ment for the rapidity with which atrophy takes place

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ing to beat their junction with the frontal and superior max

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their health return if ever they do but little benefited if indeed

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ballot the nominee receiving the lowest number of votes shall

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fever should be combated by arseniate of quinine the

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dyspepsia headach occasionally troublesome and she is subject

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make tapping by the vagina an exceptional practice

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hepatic cells separate from the blood some abnormal matter

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its float valve will be lifted and the roar of the wagon

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as most British accoucheurs hold Naegele s opinion that the second

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that they should be well housed clothed and fed. Now

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gested by Pasteur s work on fermentation. Li a letter to Pasteur in


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