What Is Dilantin Used To Treat


bachelor, with Mademoiselle , who is an o'.d maid ; both are old,

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On proof puncture of the antra only a little mucus or flaky mucopus

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from the one side, always choosing the side that is the short-

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the hospital. In addition he showed absent knee and ankle jerks, unequal and

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ber of successes at the first attempt by an ordinary

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said before, mine were too large and too slow to mature

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a tumour in some part of the intracranial cavity, but in which there are

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phthisis, from cancerous deposit, or from the exudation and infil-

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first few days after the ligation, the enlarged lobe may be a greenish red-purple,

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• Tauifmnd Sf CoUyoSM^zdAxon ig designed td combme a businesa

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he calls the impetigococcus. He distinguishes a num-

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been pressed, commonly called cake meal, when mixed

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weak. In walking to and from me without a cane, I observed, as his

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ity extending to all points, and two large short tubes inserted in

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the blood which was produced after the expectoration

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and in the abdominal cavity, and yet not interfere with the health of the

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sub therapeutic level of dilantin

the lower abdominal wall ; or, in other words, instead

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In 1945, Heyd, reporting the treatment of thirty cases

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his regimental surgeon, and an inetfectual- attempt made to cui-e

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but rather inherent in soil, locality or conditions o£ life.

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be changed, in order to get as clear a shadow as possible.

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riody (1819) a theme of interminable discussion and acrimonious con-

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flow, either from stenosis or from flexions of the uterus. The con-

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1964. Macht, Elmer L., Jr., York & Keith Roads, Abington, Pa.

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that this merely results from the circumstances just pointed out is,

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replies. If your time is pre-occupied, or you feel that because

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of bis death, and at that time my attention was only directed to its

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intense. There was some pain in the right hypochondriac

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appearances of the affected parts, the relative absence of constitutional

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article written by an author on either side of any question. )

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The authors are of opinion that repeated lumbar puncture should be

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many cases, and also a predisposition, as hereditary would be. Inflam-

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way by which synthesis could occur under these conditions would be

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the yellow or bilious fever ever known to exist in the frigid zone.^ in

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profession, successful results must be the crucial test by which

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Clinical Hospital, speaks highly of the efficacy of the common yarrow

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Experimenting with the acutal bones we observe that

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helplessness, which was misinterpreted into craving for sympathy.

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The needle was first introduced about an inch, and then finding


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