Taking Pariet Maxolon


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friend said a certain number of cases of that kind occurred.
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form of respiration. He points out that the pulse is often
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the vagina, sickness, and faintness. These symptoms stopped
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condition of nerve centres, the unstable condition being
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appeared to be always induced by constipation and irregularities in diet
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tain E. L. C. Smith, Bombay Establishment, for six months on medical
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for the purpoE"e of having his bed made. At an investigation held by
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tion to come forward at the forthcoming election at the Col-
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In a paper read before the Medico-Legal Society in March last, and pub-
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Staff are only lent to the Indian Government, and for that
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it we can at will close or open the appiiratus. When it is
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Newton Pitt for correcting an error in priority and thus
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I have not been called iu, as the patient said Dr. K 's charges were so
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kidney which had come under his notice, which were treated
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lieiite Scientifi'pie that the superior officials had attempted to
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Oxford. In France also will be held the Congress of the
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gratulate the American nurse on her advantages. The author,
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times. At the present moment no fitter place for its per-
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you liad a martyr, and at once you had a revolution against
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ciam of the district took a very proper course, ti. By readily agreeing
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Olficer. Salary. £lou per annum, with board, washing, and attendance.
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Street at the back. It is thus well situated for being efFi'u-
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important etiological factors since the earliest days in the
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prised at the amount of good that has been done in affections
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of disease. The full account of the new system of drainage
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coast stations are, as a rule, less cloudy than the inland ones; (-i) rain-
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ence to a statement made by a correspondent to the pllect that it is
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the Yorkshire Ouse. Colours are freely employed witli great
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back usually as two small flaps, to be used for the closure of
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revival is due to Professor Morisani, of Naples, but its adop-
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which you express is shared neither by the Scottish reprer.',;
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Act has just passed through the New York State Legislature,
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tions of renal liquid were made. The details of these decisive
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h There is no risk of a difTusion of leprosy by means of vaccination.
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old and infirm medical men. The capital of this Society
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the rationale of what actually happens in a natural way at a


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