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^ After the internal administration of some of the balsams the nitric
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spinal treatment on June 30 he was free from gastric crisis for three weeks, dur-
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following facts : Of a family comprising eight children, one died in child-
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Lauman of Scioto County, Rose of Washington County, Duvall of Jeffer-
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Vesication sometimes occurs, but this is not a constant
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is expressed in the amount of serum protein digested in 1 c.c. at 47 C. when
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adapted to corect them. For the ensuing year, there are also
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The symptoms derivable from the urine are so important that the
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the medical profession to draw their own conclusions as
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It is a good rule to add the Dilute Phosphoric Acid to the Hypophos-
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forms of ill-defined dysenteries which are caused by protozoal
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led by merely accidental coincidence. It is questionable whether
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attach the curved half of an ordinary metallic catheter,
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There are rare instances when an acutely inflamed appendix or a
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Anterioiwposterior skiagram and diagram from it of Case IV, showing the tibia wedge-graft a in
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further upon these points. Dr. H.A. Kinnaman of Keokuk,
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elbow is consequently impossible when the forearm is supinated,
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Dr. Savill and Dr. Risien Russell, independently, found a diplococcus
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been worse or better than the other. Both were highly though not equally
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this condition we see a dense fibrous connective tissue,
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Lesion-Disease Association. With all these causes of
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of the brail*. Autopsical examinations show that, in these cases, neither
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contra-indication seems to exist, from the fact that these large amounts
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conscious from any cause, a fatuous simpleton, incapable of resist-
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sent, I'essai sur I'homme. not dare to make use of it on
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asserted, jail-fev£r, ship-fever, yellow fever, &c. are
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voluntary intercourse, as compared with its rare occurrence in rape,
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tion hy Rontgen ray; renioml; discharge for disability.
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second a number of experiments on animals, and the conclusions deduced, are


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