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any other object than the growth to be removed. The wire imbeds
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The evidence of these two cases and others reported with them has
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in the knowledge of the nervous system and contains the
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the last visit. On the th of July he again visited the
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baths are of great utility. Hitherto these measures have
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in the vena cava inferior became of bright red arterial
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year old child toward his father than that of a grown man.
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if employed care must be taken to avoid an accunmlation of blood
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He advocated the use of the term bone fistula instead
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nephritis induced by chronic metal poisoning or poisoning with some
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rigiot Tender areas are not associated with the deep
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The photograph shows an immense pear shaped tumour the cir
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doubt that the durability of the virus is assured for at
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that the patient usually passes mucous upon convalescence. This trouble
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tion as to change of dressing etc. by different physi
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are not edematous. A few stains of the purpura remain.
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medical supervision preserved comparatively good health. On his re
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to his endeavors through all the early years of his varied work
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other day pencilled the tonsils with a thin paste of iodide
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pleading was that the defendant failed to advise her
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herds and thoroughbred stock calls for renewed energy on the
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or any intermarriage of cousins and will contribute
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ulcerating cancer. This umst be decided by other means.
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been incorporated in Sioux City la. the object of which
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microscopy which will be apparent in the work of the coming
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ago thought to be due to impure water but now we know that
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found in the blood. With our nagana strain guinea pigs usually
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destructive and irritative lesions of the cord and brain we are not in
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and lacrimal glands but in addition a uveitis of so
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Hemiplegia. Hemiplegia is complete when it involves face arm and
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in the suggestion that in the tonsils is to be found the prime
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appearance of the eyes. The appetite is good but the food
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plural as well as the singular number and the masculine gender shall include
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flushings with various merhcmal sulistanees do mure hartn
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plex of symptoms coeliac neuralgia hypera sthesia of the
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sensory nerves the amount of bleeding and the individuality of the
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of the first occupies the space. The formation of the amniotic
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for beef or still more so by the perpetuation of a valuable strain
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Students may not register in the clinical courses until these departmental examina
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questions on Surgical Anatomy and the Principles and Practice


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