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out their notices. The question arises whether the time has not
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hours, and home to dinner — a piece of rare meat and
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Flagella. — Absent. Highly Motile End Portion. — Absent. Divis'on. — Trans-
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in the perivascular spaces. Tliis capUlary thrombosis may be so extensive
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20. Sulphovinate of Soda as a Purgative. — Dr. Rabutrau has taken this
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Jour. 1881. Vol, I, p, .')25. Tlie name notice containa also
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it prevents the subsequent formation of false membranes.
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and location in the particular limb. The symptoms of lameness
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plete possession and command of its tool, the body; it is not a mile
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Dr. Laure read before the Soci6t6 des Sciences M^dicales of Lyons the


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