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between 11 st. and 12 st., and about 5 feet 10 inches in height,
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shown Dr MacDonald: (UNote on an Interesting Clinical Case; (2) a
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seemed to be fairly saturated with it. It seemed to affect
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Rio de Janeiro ; Mr. P. T. Tolputt, Beaufort, Mon. (V) Mr. J. W. Vine,
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by force of circumstances. At one time his vaccinal
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in this hospital, one of them (also diagnosed during life)
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wide track, at the bottom of which it was found in a flat-
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willed or otherwise conveyed to her, "M.D." will, we think, act wisely
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portional fatality in Strand, St. Luke. Whitechapsl, Limehouse, Poplar,
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home and go to work in factories. The other is that a three
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cause. In giving directions for the prophylaxis of this dis-
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two who had no marks both were attacked and one died.
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that the patient should be carefully watched for a while.
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scription is followed by a series of aphorisms regarding the
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George's man has owed his easy passage into the College of
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corporations. The present case was the first of the kind tiiat
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S. D. Tuiner, Epsom College; H. J. Walker, King's College-
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clarithromycin is considered to be a
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The visit paid to Hull by Mr. T. \V. Thompson, one of the medical in-
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Resolved : That the Parliamentary Bills Committee be re-
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cyclitis, to the fact that the patient had a fluid vitreous— and
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averaged 2.6 per 1,000 in the thirty-two provincial towns, among wliich
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persons to the acre, where the streets were 25 yards across,
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of the climate of parts of Galway in the early months of the year. The
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men and students. Of these, there were about .3-?, all of whom, with one
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temperature was taken in the case which ended fatally, nor
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Some activity is being displayed both at home and abroad in the
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rectal feeding. Two more deep sutures were put in, so as to
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intracellular cystic forms are abundant and are easily to be recognised
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L Jones. St. bartlinlomcws Hospital ; N J. Kendal, Mason College,
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district, it was impossible to make any definite statement on
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and sooner if necessaiy, on account of irritation, the sulphur is entirely
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needed for the safety of the patient, but he has found such
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before 1 managed to reach the hoiise after being sent for. This disease
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Brigade-Surgeon T. P. Staples said the young men com-
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geon will touch such a case by way of operating for the cata-
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He was appointed Assistant Surgeon October 1st, l-^o-i, a'ld Surgeon-
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example, last hot season, nearly 50 per cent, of the medical


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