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showed this faucial redness. Are not these two facts,

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divisions of the nerve, and is probably the most acute form of pain

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but none in the ear ; she was recommended by a neighbor to take a Turkish

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same time, the right abdomen was held markedly rigid

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hemolysis occurs. The amboceptor dilution to be used in the actual

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half — the tibio-peritoneal trunk. But suture must never be under-

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Rok^ach, Fievre bilieuse hematurique. Th. d. P. 1898, No. 426.

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There is, perhaps, in gynecology no one measure which ia useful

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may be either in the direction of flexion and extension, or lateral. The

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incontinence of urine were marked features, but in only 1 case were

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of softening are described by some writers — the apo/Jectic, connii*iu-, mvi A-

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for itself the gratitude and applause of an appreciative nation. The individual

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cal. Life and thought were bound to certain matter in

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Tremaine, Wm. S., 217 Franklin St., Buffalo, Erie Co. Founder.

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be suddenly disturbed, the superficial muscles will be seen to

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hours in serious cases. In the treatment the physician should not give a drop of

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them in these cases, because it quickly decomposes ; then arises the

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Dietet. Gaz., N. T., 1888, n. s., i. no. 4, 5-7.— [Prices of

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He aflirms that it will always be impossible to explain

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tints of purple with ulterior changes. The hands and feet are often cold,

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t In milking this statem int, I an aware «»f the possibility <>!' these nuclei being

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65° C. for a period of 30 or 45 minutes. Heating milk to this tem-

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1888, xiv, 309-327. '—. Das Verhalten der Gefasse im

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ble.^ Were the operation warrantable, or were it practicable to reduce con-

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Inasmuch, however, as such insurance to be ideal must be founded upon

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there are irregular attacks of fever accompanied with demonstrable enlarge-

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the fact that Bellevue Hospital, as a whole, is not what

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such severe pain in both legs and feet as to deprive her

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(2) Obstructive jaundice, indicated by yellow skin and con-

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At the end of a half-hour the abdomen was softer; within an

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adopted. Local treatment with Loeffler's iron-toluol

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jained by medical evidence of the respiration of the child, unless the child

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as it has been called, however, do not point to its existence, nor, perhaps,

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favourable termination. It appears to mo that the same rule ought to

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Berl. klin. "Wehnschr., 1882. xix, 681-683. Aliso: Centralbl.


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