Scopalamine Meclizine


ter. The common sites of chilblains are the heels, toes, and some-

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with catarrhal enteritis. I myself incline to the last-mentioned the-

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Clergy of different denominations, Physicians, Gentle-

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even when unattended by any internal affection, the disease, under

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Typhoid Fever. VI. — Typhus Fever. VII. — Yellow

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of that disease. But it occurs only in a minority of cases, about 30

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propert)' of the College then consisted of little more

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of the head, sudden raising of the trunk at intervals, and suhsidtus

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therefore, as injurious. By others they have been looked upon as

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ing room ought to contain one thousand cubic feet of air to provide

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out any trace of swelling or other impediment to motion. In many

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youthful and comparative!}' healthy subjects, it is easy to comprehend

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necessary for the purification of the blood. The heart, then, is

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vessels of the skin and relieve congestion of the lungs and other

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the faculty. The expense of the building and its fur-

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they produce an over stimulation of the bowels and reaction is sure

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This is a state of exalted feeling which indicates derangement of

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the optic nerve as far forward as the ciliary ligaments.

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but also precedes and gives rise to the valvular friction which induces

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among men who are active in political and commercial life. Strong in

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ration occurs. The cord separates in from five to seven days, leaving

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ulation of the circulation and of the excretory functions.

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Take a pint of the muriate tincture of iron, add to it ammonia or

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plications which so frequently accompany such inflammation, s a

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evidence is strong that at times exposure to cold precipitates an attack of acute

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ing of fear, and threatened danger, and a feeling of depression or

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istration has to be regulated according to experimental researches

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materially ; the former amounts to 15 or 16 per cent, of the weight of

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Medicines are applied successfully to the mucous membrane of the

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steam. It may be difficult to ascertain the cause. In the newly

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nated, the severity of the pain may be greatlj^ diminished. Indeed

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reason is long continued, the discharge becomes thin and colorle3s


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