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as haying been preylously inspected and passed by a Department employee shall be
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to month, and later, being palatable but not too sweet, is a welcome
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108". Blood cultures on the twelfth and fourteenth days showed respectively
The specific susceptibility of animals to diseases and parasitic con-
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no firm can sell a horse in this way without great cost to the pur-
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4 persons at one time and about SO persons to use it The men's water-closets were found
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ance of psychiatric symptoms in many of these cases
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digitalis, was unaltered. Finally, this patient was
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Th.'sf lafts takfii t.iu'fthfi- in.lifatf that iiitiiitrin stiniulntfs llif miis-
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duction in lost time from illness can be secured by
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Dr. Neal read a most instructive paper on “Diagnoses
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activity, strength, compactness, clean legs, and good feet. They have
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.liiccd either ill tlic .jilli.-lioii li.lurni llic ihtvc iiihI niiisclr llic iil\..-
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I Kit .•M,^,n|,wh.Ml,.s in s„n„. .;,y nn. ,v,ni>v.| f.„. ,!„. p,.„p,.r ,.o„v.Mxi„n
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And Sopronol is non-keratolitic, non-sensitizing. It
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Amend Article IV of the Constitution by eliminating
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tion to the weight of the hogs they have delivered in the course of the year, either
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the determination of the mode of transmission of the disease, the
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that of human tubercle bacilli and showed none of the characteristics
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50. Chargin, L., and Rosenthal, T.: J.A.M.A. 107:1374, 1936.
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or readjustment of the disabled civilian. It is quite
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promptly to ordinary treatment He also has complained of definite pains
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developed to take the place of the first cross in the foreign exports of
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sheep shall not be loaded in tiers under decks, but during the winter season two tiers
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Presented at the Ellis Fischel State Cancer Hospital Staff
amlodipine/valsartan/hydrochlorothiazide fixed-dose combination in hypertension
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itself under a variety of symptoms. If the bones of the hock become
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After two hours the patient was seen by Dr. Janeway on ward rounds.
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room with questions. They know the clinical history and they are
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wlicn its sat'i'ty is tlui'.'iti'iii'il liy sdiih' apjii iirliint; ciiciiiy. Wlion, for
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but in no case should specimens from different animals be put in the
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certificate of the secretary of a reliable studbook.
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cooperative work, it is believed to be only a question of time when
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.Alract. WliiMi sii.'li |>ri'|.arali..ii- aiv iis..l h.r ,|nanlital iv,' |iur|iiis.-s.
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and report at the next meeting of the Council: Drs.
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noted: At first the volume of the colonic contents increases, the
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XIV. Potassium Permanganate and Oxalic Add as Germicides against the
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84. *yoN DEB PoBTBN, E. : ^' Ein Fall von Atresia oesophagi con-
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the said establishment to any other establishment at which inspection is maintained, or
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