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In the firft of thefe cafes, the intention fhould be

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afifords temporary relief. If the pain is not relieved by the taking of

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seen, they are soft, and a needle or scarificator will pass into them with

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which are rare, the guinea worm, not found in this country, and the

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be part of a general condition, that is, may result from some preceding

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injuries to the skin ; but the conditions of the skin are so different in these

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as clean as poffible, their wails fhould be white wa(h-

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in preference to a stock vaccnen'the '"^^^^^"^^ of employing an autogenous

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excessive use of starchy foods during the first year of life, to the use of

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century in reducing infant mortality and none is more striking than in

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then will generally gripe hin:i,. and always endanger

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arsenical paralysis, where the muscles that are affected are those that flex

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this difference. Whisky is the drink of the North and beer of the South,

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islands of Langerhans show patholigical changes of varying

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the stomach ought rarely to be resorted to, and then only to relieve great

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inunction should be preceded by a bath, and if a professional rubber can be

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the vomiting is persistent, powders are preferable to liquid medicine. Five

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symptoms are those connected with the bending of the long bones or pelvis.

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from the diabetic condition. Although the results obtained

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will, of course, be unavailing if the etiological agent is found to be any

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the right ventricle to the lungs and the pulmonary veins (vein-like artery),

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which terminates at the point of the hock, is a ten-

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rarely the seat of tuberculous infection. Diphtheritic infection is discussed

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system ; but in a fatal case, described by Morris of Charlestown, there was

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with depression of bone and of cerebral haemorrhage should be carefully

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genitalia, and sometimes by urinary frequency and burning. The

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accompanied by tubercle of the pleura, or by a fibrinous exudation on the

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mach, it is reduced, to a kind of green pafte, like

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children, the disease is somewhat more common in females ; but, taking

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before uicntiond (n. 274), ana produced an abfolute pro-

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Of the cases of seasonal asthma the large majority react to one or

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wishes to work, if not in Toronto, and a statement which would show that

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of the chronic ulcer of the stomach. (2) In the parts less affected by the

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of which the causation is not so definitely known. The diseases, then,

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On February 3rd, 1921, he had a second embolus to the brain with uncon-


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