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of granular protoplasm. I should interpret this as the result of
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infrequently confounded. But that they are essentially different diseases,
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rived from the character and seat of the disorders, in other words, from
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matter as of trivial imnortance. as though it were a
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digitalis, and the veratrum viride. The two latter diminish, at the same
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by this means, assisted by aperients and enemata. The first case
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little, contiguous, oblongo-roundish bodies, representing imper-
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Chronic myelitis gives rise to paralysis which may be general, that is,
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renders it probable that thc}^ are situated in the left anterior cerebral lobe.
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Cough, asthmatic dyspnoea, and bronchitis are attributed to gout.
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employed, namely, truncus supraorbitalis. Fiulihermore, it was
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not desired by the patient, and even when he is disinclined to take it.
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(fee. In one neat volume small 12mo., of about 375 pages, cloth, $150.
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cluding the cases in which other diseases existed, the patients had com-
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eases, the sugar is frequently observed to disappear from the urine.
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which must be for a iuw stihficnber, will receive as a premium, Iree by mail, a <opy of
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minal walls and of the surface of the body elsewhere, functional paraplegia,
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weight takes place, and is progressive, if the jaundice continue.
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nuclei with the aid of an ocular micrometer, the results of which
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The relative importance^of these two ophthalmic nerves varies
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nervus terminalis were removed and fixed in 1 per cent osmic acid,
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theria, cases of simple ])haryngitis, or of pharyngitis with follicular secre-
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f initial brain weight— albino rat — on the percentage of gain of paired
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just stated are frequency and feebleness of the pulse, weakness of the
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able in a Flora arranged according to the natural system.
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[Read before the Medical Section of the British Association, at Bristol,
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purpose, impelled apparently by an irresistible impulse, perform extra-
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Angelucci's several pronouncements in the same publication, if
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Essay of the New York Academy of Medicine, by Rol)ert T. Edes, 1809.
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dominal symptoms, the eruption in some cases, the earlier occurrence of
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plete paralysis of the masticator muscles of the left side, so that
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cially in connection with the cirrhotic and the waxy kidney ; in cases of
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the question. When the malformation of the limb is the re-
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of the kidney quite positive. Except in traumatic cases, the disease, if
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tured to give this remedy in the doses which experience has abundantly
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