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four days. The boy was a child of a sergeant in the 32nd Regi-
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[16] Wiluams. Drit. Med. Journ., 1901, ii, p. 1799,
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activity, and therefore the more favorable to her recovery. Recollecting
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day, in the nape of the neck, and extended to the base and
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ment, gave him mustard as an emetic, the whites of a
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upper arm, probably a fourth of the cases transferred did not die ; but, if we
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mined to try the effects of Tart. emet. 1st dec, at intervals of a half-
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so exactly located in the spectrum and the bactericidal region
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Ligation in Portions, — Czerny had already ligated in three portions,
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ported with paralysis and lesion on the same side bear no
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of cases of live frogs and snakes, and even one of a live mouse,
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tion was estal>lished, and the lower fragment of the
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honors, and sure of reward for a helpful antl blaiiiek'ss life.
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the preparations of zinc may be mentioned as appropriate remedies.
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stood only between the fourth and fifth ribs. The lungs fiUed about
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indication (14%). All other indications occurred with an
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foot-ball match every participant has more force applied to his chest
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and of esteem. If he is a gambler, a loafer, an opium-eater, a votary of
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if nal reactions. Gold therapy is generally not recommended
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cases, however, these aids become unnecessary after a first effort.
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fore a chance of infecting clean wounds unless gloves were
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what is famciclovir 250 mg used for
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small cup of tea or coft'ee daily, besides what the
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surface is cleanliness and dryness. When the skin becomes discoloured
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quite comfortable and free from all local tenderness or distress.
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forward lists of their delegates to the Amebicait Medicai. As-
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experiments *), it may, with the afliftance of the heat of the
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bodies. (Applause.) I thank you very much indeed for the
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simulate this extreme condition ought any 5 have hitherto been generally made; and on
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almost universally seated upon the anterior part of the chest, and, by prefer-
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local. In the great majority of cases, the paralysis is limited to the ex-
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negative evidence that the bronchi were not directly obstruct-
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perience of other clergymen concurs with my own, that it is,
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exhausted may require the " rest-cure." The patient's experi-
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we find at least forty-eight hours between the onset of
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We offer another very beautiful form in the cuticle of the White
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About an hour after preparing the acid, the faintness had
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other material effects of the medicines, and does not require
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healthy heart, an indispensable qualification, without which all attempts
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quirers live at a distance. New York physicians are, I
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Wheeling, as a sort of bravado, put on the clothes of a
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these pustules are very troublesome, often rendering it necessary
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mine what is the cause which has produced this lesion ;


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