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condition and the latter on some portion of the tubes having

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her body was opened or not but I think there can be little

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It exerts an influence upon the capillary circulation and

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become of this paraffin and iodoform where the periosteum will repro

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Cerebellar tissue is present in the antero medal wall and the

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The introductory chapter impresses upon the student

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SIGNIFICANCE The comparison of different modalities of data and

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which is fastened upon medical nomenclature is that

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there is an article by Beneke entitled the Physiology and Pa

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sheath of the vas and are brought together by the shortening

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diffuse nephritis. There are also areas of tubular distention due to

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arising from wounds surgical operations or other local injuries and

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were of un.sclecled persons with regard to the test and

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and the normal sodium urate CgHgNasNiOs. The former salt

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which their inclinations experience and acquirements

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he had been perfectly healthy regular at school and able to run aliout

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emetic but not sufficiently powerful for urgent require

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to speak to the Assistant Medical Officer but in the threatened


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