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At the same time it was planned to represent each autopsy on an
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many pigs they have littered, at what age they were delivered to the
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nificant postwar advance in sympathomimetic amine therapy. Profetamine Phos-
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.•oit.'X on ..11.' si.l.' .lo.'s n..t pn..lii.'.' anv i)anil.vsis, wliilc stii.iulalion m
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aged 9^ years, was suddenly taken ill. Charlie had eaten a fairly large
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ducts. Lipiodol passed readily from the common duct
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ability, this 12 per cent plasma cells was the first
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lamina' or laxfis ..t' ihtvc <-<'I1s and now.' liln'is .'oniposiii!,' tlic coiIcn
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tliat III,. |.iivsi,-;i| ,.,,ii,|itniii 111 this,. Ill,,- l.-it .J., hill. -s is II. , I thr sain.' .'is
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less scatter bacilli freely, by swallowing them, having them pass
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66. There would be meat stored in great piles in rooms, and the water from leaky
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til.' ii,....sl,„n of L'liu ,„„.: ,n,.,. .-KM) .,„,, ,., son„.„li,,t liiyluT ix.m.nfaL-
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ing the year toward indexing dairy literature as proposed in the
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While the object of the law was good, in many cases it was a greater hardship to
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Whereas, The Barnard Free Skin and Cancer Hospital also
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tients with acute cholecystitis treated on the medi-
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13x10x6 cm. This has caused some erosion of the upper ramus of the
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any sort. They are long needle-shaped crystals, oc-
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th-.t is tho 1ibo.N oon.b.sr f.'o.n tho intrasi.b.al no...-o..s, w.th tho oohs ot
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charges of diminishing fecundity are without warrant when a com-
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these a pure culture of B. typhosus was obtained from the peritoneum.
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means of its passage through a goat by inoculation methods lends
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proximately 92 per cent of the 96,000 hogs thus reported tuberculous
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505 West 6th St. Box 154 111 South Martin 317 South Ellis
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XIV. Skin Transplantation. With a Review of 550 Ckses at The Johns Hopkins
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fork emits a eontinuons note. The reeeptors of toueb are therefore more
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Cass 6 Herbert A. Tracy Belton O. B. Barger Harrisonvllle
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the animal until the preliminary post-mortem inspection at the time of slaughter. If
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<'onip<»sc'fl piitirplv of filxTs l>ol<>ii!.'iii(i' to volmitHry rlTt'cfui' neurons, but
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standards of the time, were conspicuous for success.
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A more important extension can and should be made by establishing
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ditioii liciiiy: calleil iijiil i(iliiri<iii. T\Mi operative procedures lia\e licci
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the accommodation of men was located in a corner of the rocker room, about 10 feet
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230 Frisco Building, Joplin, Missouri, Telephone 744
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becomes fixed, and currents cannot be set up easily.
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nation a year or so earlier, but who refused treat-


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