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over the ordinary house clothes while in the sick room, and slip
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beverage by those who already eat a full supply of regulation
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his boys in school-rooms of the olden time. Edward Peace
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filth, he, like all living beings, generates his own poison, and
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An examination of her milk chemically is of prime necessity,
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hard, J. Forsyth Meigs, Da Costa, Levick, and others in
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period of fever is briefer than in typhus by a ratio of 7 to 14. Re-
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presence of saprophytes ; but an epidemic or an endemic of typhoid fever
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Dr. R. P. Harris told me the finest peach ever in the United
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ing and Auto-intoxication — Pathogenic Poisons — The Death Struggle
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patient complains of the heat. In these cases the hips should be ele-
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can now buy the best of the world's luxuries, and the high-
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difiicult. The skin over the afi"ected part may be of a pale or of a dull-
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The hip bath is prepared as follows : An oil cloth, covered by one
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absent; swallowing painful ; stomach and bowels utterly incapable of
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matter ? I was a general practitioner, and was educated at Edin-
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exceeding any of those brought from the Pacific coast.
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is entitled to great credit for original work in this lesion.
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is a large membranous collar hanging down from the upper
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sitz baths should be provided, so that the patient may be removed from
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possible the imitation of all beverages without the presence
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cold compress is applied to the forehead, and, if prominent nervous
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strate that a loss of tone in the vessels of a large area of the circula-
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sumption of the berries it is only necessary to watch the line of
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diseases, especially pneumonia cerebralis (four cases) . " The histories,
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to which no hot water has been added. Such a bath in New York City,
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a strong liquor. The English call it Hollands, and Old Tom
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\ " Handbook of General Therapeutics, " Wm. Wood & Co. , 1885.


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