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The evil of which I complain is increasing, and should be remedied,

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gradually regain their natural qualities ; and the patient is aware

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of the posterior interosseous nerve. There was ina-

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at 30, Lee-park, Blackheath, on December 29, in her 53ra year.

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trouble at the Manhattan Generil Hospital over the hosr-

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an enormously large heart with the valves intact. The endo-

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as English Corporate Bodies could produce ; and he thouglit

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mals of this group survived the intoxication for longer than 12

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containing the spinal cord. The membranes lining the cord

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show have become now so numerous that boards of health or the anti-

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latter, some two-thirds are estimated as " nomadic." — I\'etc

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The recent Ophtfuilmologicul d/ugrcss in Paris. 431

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but a small amount of exercise, should begin to suffer with the symptoms already

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destroy a portion of the true skin, that permanent dis-

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childhood by studying and reporting on significant expe-

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ment, are lost to the Army for this reason alone. We are

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cilia is in the direction from the mouth to the stomach,

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stop. The effect of such a stop is almost invariably shown by a similar

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(H.) Fistule vesico-uterine: nouveau precede de cysto-

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returned the intestine. The subsequent course of the case

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dent that the profession and the people will join with enthusiasm

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It is difficult for me to do so, especially as I differ from him on one or two

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of a kind of primary lymphocytosis or lymphosarcomatosis of the kidneys (or

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