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tended over the northern part of this continent and a great part

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one year into classes throwing out all where it would be

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usually devoted to this annual address cannot be better employed

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medicines were discontinued the symptoms returned with all the

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ammonium sulfate solution added to bring the saturation to. The result

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plication of nerve roots immediately above the anaesthetic area ride

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remainder merely through the sheath. A fine Hagedorn

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notable rise in blood pressure dependent mainly on the constriction

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It is to be noted with regret that in many of the cases

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the care of another practitioner should observe the strictest

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in different countries and in dilTerent parts of the same country.

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is a disproportion that might well provoke surprise or even

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In many cases of amenorrhoea a delicate and in some a diffi

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INDERAL like other beta blockers is a competitive inhibitor of beta receptor agom

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tion with that of alcohol I experimented briefly with

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compatible disc in Wordperfect. or earlier versions or in

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lapsed transverse colon is practically never encountered. I do

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investigation by means of a blunt spoon from the rectal mucous

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trix resulting from the cervical laceration. The portio the only part


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