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various localities though at first perbaps even here the diag

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One case is on record where a baby in Cuba developed rabies from

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hair stump itself is enlarged to three or four times

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No author who was not himself a practical gynecologist could have consulted the

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existence is confirmed and it has receivetl some confir

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his experience with trional. In forty two cases of insanity he

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Treatment. The first thing we have to do is to relieve the

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but their fulfilment was expressly recommended in all cases of

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Historical Notice. Diphtheria is by no means new to England

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The eruption runs a given course namely pimple vesicle and

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operative treatment and are therefore not published.

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the lower gastric mucosa give rise to a gastric ulcer.

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from making any attempt whatever to supply the desired

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It Ls unfortunate that while these figures reveal a most lamentable

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free the articulation of a nail with wood in which it is imbedded

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affection when they have eaten the flesh of animals that have

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cylinder of the nerve and later in the cell itself. The

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merlin loc. cit. published seven cases four in one family

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that a healthy flock is not secure from the disease at the distance

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wrist joint. By recollecting the manner in which we naturally

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etc. which would increase the risks of infection. It is better nutrition

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