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circumstances which led the Council of the British Medical
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BRArrHWAiTE, Dr. Vt'ARDriop Geiffith, Dr. Baers, Mr. Atkin-
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that the occasion should be celebrated by some modest festivities, in
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prevalence or severity, or botli, rises by degrees to a
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I hasten, therefore, to apologise to Mr. Stephen for having
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nated The mother ohjected, but the vaccination was authorised at an
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to Dr. Kantliack's reference to his leceritlj-published woik
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doctors of England he would utter the prayer that Professor
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the motives, and of the necessity for a system which is cer-
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of little value or authority. Meantime we will confine our-
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where, whether in lymph glands or lungs, and that the pro-
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Dr. Campbell Black.— In responding to Professor Black's letter, although
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methods at command wo must not be satisfied with impression-
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build an isolation hospital in favour of inunction." Dr.
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Dr. Cautley showed a young woman, aged 26, who since
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cult for other than Germans adequately to appreciate, but
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concludes "that the central representation (that is, the C.S.
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to changing prevalence, changing severity, or both. The
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Dr. Hadden was not a great believer in joint affections
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Epitome of the Bbitish Medical JonRNAi,. Fok' had de-
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Maclaren, and others, and Dr. Walshe ' gave it as his opinion
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and parts " The defendants were established by the Medical Act,
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briefly as follows. The .'■kin is tanned by the solar rays, and
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effectually protect the rubber from the action of ether, or
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visit to his daughter-in-law. The full fee therefore should, in our
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antirabic vaccination obtained in rabbits by means of this
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Hpct, and. as it contained air, accounted for this part foeing resonant.
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reviewed the position of the Branch, and stated that two
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and to.have gradually fallen to a rate belovv the normal. The
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sanitary inspectors holding certificates of competency recog-
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illustrate the various stages of this disease, which, in the
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cost under the Council of but Id. per inmate, compared with, under the
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Officer of Health lor the Wiveliscombe Urban Sanitary District.
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tremor. His mouth is always half open, aud, though this gives him
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once. A soft systolic murmur was detected as arising during
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Sir,— The difficulties which beset the cleansing of ordinary
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on the general sanitary condition of the York Rural District. It contains
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trude the tip of the tongue, and he complained of them
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material introduced into the circulation that furnishes the


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