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and Bordet. A. de I'l. P. v. 1891, p. 417. — 79. Pekelharing. La Semaine nied. 1889,

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is often a characteristic of the early days of the disease. Delirium very

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result. All observers agree that prognosis is generally very uncertain,

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gently, except over the abdomen, put into bed lightly covered, and hot

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cians. Sometimes full vomiting, followed by an anodyne, is beneficial.

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Profuse Diarrhoea. — This may have to be treated if the alvine dis-

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and, being killed, undergo dissolution to a very considerable extent.

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power of guarding against excessive thermogenesis is weakened in much

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of the pulse in respect of arterial tension. Alcohol is commonly useful

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moist or spreading, and dry. In the former the conditions are favourable

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coarsely granular oxyphile, are also present in small numbers in the

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sterilised in a test-tube. The sputum is sown upon the surface of the

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tioos afterwards, are the result of a pressure nearly equal aod uniform

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and obliteration of the vessel, anaemic necrosis results. The arrest of the

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every seventh cupv ^ratur "-Orders from a dizitanceuiust be accompanied by payment in advance, or

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under which of these generalisations the case before us falls, and then

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nourishment, medicine, etc., at the proper intervals between the nurse's

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the excess of acid mopped up as the crystals liquefy. The crystals

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following condition is found: the motor nerve responds neither to the

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nutrition of the cell, which makes it unable to compensate the waste by

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deposited in various parts; after death it is not uncommon to find in

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And, surveying the question from a practical point of view, it is obvious

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the tissues and by increased tissue metabolism, is the safest and best way

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the oesophagus, and only administer 3j. to 3ij. at a time. Nasal feed-

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and other ideas tending to modify the second, and enable us to judge of

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H2S, and CH4; among the fatty acids acetic, butyric, and valerianic

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mostly retained ; when lost it is seldom lost higher up than the knees.

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characteristic alterations : a dense tissue, such as bone, does not show


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