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Nature of Dengue. There can be little doubt that dengue belongs

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Chemically ethyl chlorid is one of the haloid substitu

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deavors to determine what changes are constant to state their

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tory a research worker exceptionally competent to undertake this

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cism her indignant resentment of attempts at familiarity by Henry

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The essential parts of a galvanic battery are the cells which con

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and embryonic tissue Juice to which had previously been added about

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ia l cavUy b gt placing it within the abdominal walls adopting

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The abdominal form ranks next in the order of danger while the

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this point can be obtained from autopsies on children dead of the

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ptisition of tlie foreign Ix dy in the eye the apparatus

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sa liquor potassas mucilage flaxseed tea and copaiva.

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erythroblastic tissue gives rise to a smaller production of red cells and

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also benefit travelers to countries in which disease is

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required is a suitable cage containing water and some fresh fruit such as

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Thus out of rabbits in our series which had shown generalized

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same characteris in the kidneys as in any other organ.

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port of Cases Treated with Eoeutgen Eays reports four cases of

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are described in which a severe anemia became transformed into acute

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small number of pupils who greatly profit by this system of

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not it extends to the toxin contained in the unaltered germ substance.

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taste and very liable to contamination if exposed to lead.

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beneficially and its importance in this disease will be increased

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Microscopic examination. Sections of the diseased organs showed

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ing gross specimens sputum culture tubes etc.. being rather

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the right arm in removing the harness from the mule. The harness

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cided advantage in cases of nervous prostration the so

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majority of instances is a condition developed slow and slow

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patient s mouth easily safely and firmly open before the administra

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Pulse. During the first week and during the whole period of the

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for the use of visitors while in the museum and partly as a

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medical book publishers of Philadelphia New York and Lon

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The expansion produced in a given liquid by an increase of temperature is


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