Amoxicillin Vs Cefadroxil


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of a family otherwise healthy had all had fractures ; three of them had
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readers considered that a deficiency of phosphorus,
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The President, Dr. Rudolph Matas, of New Orleans, in
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inch and a half above the cardia to the aortic arch.
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der artificial conditions for any length of time, al-
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and relatives contested the will, but Surrogate Thomas
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3. What Relations Exist between lodme (Postassium lu
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during life by our methods of physical examination.
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Brookline, Mass., for two years, and Dr. A. L. Soresi, of
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are read for their news columns only, their opinions
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scess in connection with the left ankle-joint was opened. It was quite
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was patulous throughout. Hence the hydronephrosis was due to obstruc-
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and yet out of these eleven cases that had developed this condition prior
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slight and can be corrected by a thickened sole on the shoe. There is no
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among those reading papers being Dr. John B. Deaver, of
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Qticstious for discus.uon in this department are an-
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currence of two such cases within the past years at
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four of which recovery occurred, while in three a fatal termination hap-
amoxicillin vs cefadroxil
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ficult to recognize, and the diagnosis here must be
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thought she was not as nervous as in the iporning, al-


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