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range of change in vascular resistance from the tonic con-
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Heidelberg, had a patient who belched up infitmmable
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— A Reminiscence, by Lyman Beecher Todd, Lexington; The Ethics of the Medical
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Sugar is said to be specially useful in Wasp Stings.
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by William Baly, M. D. Sec. Ed., Vol. 1, pp., 768-772).
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patient, indeed, may seem to doze most of the time, but without obtaining
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gives us the startling information that '* Dr;Mitehinson. L.K &Q.C.P.,
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blades when the patient has been lying in the middle of the
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a. The printed evidence that Leonard Digges of University Col-
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consecutive series for the entire military establishment.
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are prevented from stagnation, and a free interchange of the nutritive ele-
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to make use of his own son's needless sufl'erings as an added argument
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much value to his researches and to those of Dr. Aitkcn and
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Reynolds, not one case which was hereditary began after twenty, while
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the opinions he had acquired by reading, and with the medical
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"For this part of Perspective, when well understood,
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after a few weeks or at most a few months. It is, therefore, neces-
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occasionally anodyne draughts at night. On taking charge of this patient to-day I
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From Arlington, Virginia, has come the announcement
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vescence occurs, and the normal temperature is regained about
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apparently, he had been entirely unaware. By Christmas, 1905, he was
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operations, received in April, which informed me that he
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digestion has never been followed out. On the other hand,
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sons engage in this business if they have the right business qualifications
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Dobell, Dr. H., Dr. Salter's lecture on the stethoscope,
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tellectual powers appeared to be nearly destroyed. — He seldom
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a dot by which its calibre is more or less obstructed. This is easily
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moting animal research that Dr Ahamed wants physicians
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is not much interference with digestion, and these unfortunates suffer
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be gangrenous and when opened the vessel was found to be
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17. — Valentini reports 2 cases of iuflaninjatory anky-
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phylactic, but in four days (29th), there was another exacerba-
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Dr. Bulivley had exhibited the salts in combination,


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