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mory of the immortal founder of the collection in the

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Conclusion. Taken hi conjunction with the local skin and other

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W. P. Mcintosh, Chairman ; Surgeon G. M. Guiteras, Passed Assbtant Surgeon John F.

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to pay a great deal of attention to the study of human

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unconsciousness, delirium or other eflfective causes, is not

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conducted under ether anesthesia. Time additi,onal to that needed

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small, covered with thick layers of fat, and excellent health, contract a cold almost as

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presided over by the Speaker of the House of Delegates

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been produced. No one in this room, he supposed, would say that it was an

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day, and by microscopic examination for orrhages. The writer quotes Valossopulo,

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fashion of the times to take shelter behind that polysyllabic word, as if

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cases of amenorrhoea which had been relieved by the application of sina-

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ilitic diseases of the eye, both the result of acquired and inherited syphilis,

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sixth hour. She has had no return of pain, she sleeps quietly, and com-

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to 1,018. The quantity of urea was less than normal,

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such a case be left to nature, one of three things must happen :

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where the crystals were temporarily found, but where they have

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As soon as an operation is contemplated trained anaesthetizer, the operator should,

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