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cause. Parasites in the genito urinary tract as the Filaria
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me to touch her because I would get dirty. From then on she
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cars or boats that had been in previous use for such species of
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the author by far the best recorded case is that brought
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the iritoal below the material Medicine suffered on
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Would it be physicians pharmacists or licensed drug
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prevails producing in to hours copious yellow stools with
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nected with the main supply pipe so that filtration was carried on
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as one of degenerative endarteritis with sclerosis oblitera
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guiding the patient s life that all the forces of Na
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subacute and chronic cases to administer a large dose uutil the physio
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Papers to be presented before the Section on Ophthalmology of the
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views against the multiplying of city hospitals and our firm con
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proliferation has been rapid in the last three or four
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alimentary canal and are consequently indigestible. The digestibility
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Dr. Sibson s ingenious spring pleximeter may often be used
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luxuries a fire in the dressing room and a hot bath
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ple and rational plan of restoration is preferable to all others and I
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less extensive although allowed to continue for a longer period is in
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tary technicians and others. In larger units the unit may
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posterior extremities being sufficient to raise grains l of an inch.
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with ordinary and reasonable care they do not collide and the mere
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The Technique of Caesarian Section. By A. Palmer Dudley
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deal of harm in colder conftitutions indeed it mayij
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rock while in color and markings it showed complete reversion to the
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was first led to extract the cataract by an accidental occur
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former is the more common form the latter the more rare. In
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will ask Dr. Nesbitt to draft that resolution immediately.
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sances under the general grant of but it is difficult at this
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unconsciousness is followed by loss of speech sometimes for
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coma and in many more though coma existed for a short
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into one cavity. The cyst still retains its epithelial lining
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Symptoms. Listlessness trembling great thirst loss of cud and im
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under the disease and she was followed by a Spanish polacca
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cated since it tends to alkalize the urine and in the
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dl that he once held dear Podalirius I return thee my
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tory of iodoform and balsam of Peru five grains each. He
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enableth one to make a rational conjecture of things
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therefore need to increase their flexibility and lower their
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portance of the tidpJiocyanideSj both in the human and
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The remonstrance was then read. It was a long document giving
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case differed very considerably from those originally described under this
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agulation of a fibrinogen solution. Then the ability to react with
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The following named officers have been elected to active member
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a production from the surfaces of bone that happen to be in apposition.
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Dr. Burke prererred hypodermic injections of strych


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