Allergic Reaction Imuran


simulating typical general paralysis. Gradually the symptoms of general

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teuse, si on voulait faire du celibat un vertu sacerdotale. This, if to be

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cases, of chloride of zinc). A spongy condition of gums is often met with

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vasated leucocytes tend to undergo rapid destruction and dissolution.

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of the one to the other. In this case the defect is clearly not in the

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in some chronic and incurable patients an acute illness may cause

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tion, moist and slightly granular on the surface, having a broad base of

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Erasmus. Diseases of the Skin. London, 1857. — 28. Idem. Ibid. London, 1863, p. 615.

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the elegant and superlatively sentimental Mrs. Hunter de-

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fering, and preserved innumerable lives. The history of the

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improvement of the general health by tonics and less violent measures.

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tion (that is, the body,) and certain affections of the mental

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treatment should be adopted if there be any indication for it in the

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attack. Rest, sea travel, tonic treatment, and the free administration of

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periods, from a few days to a year and a half after the eruption. In the

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be extensively destroyed, even to laying bare the terminal phalanx.

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swelling which may follow severe pain, and specially mentions a diffuse

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judgment is perverted, and errors thus accepted become delusions.

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inheritance of epilepsy in only 16 per cent, and of insanity in 33 per cent ;

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red-cell count that is truly representative of the average for men

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Such, then, are the general and special remoter conditions of insanity,

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his faithful dog, which waked him from his trance, he would

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filtering area. The pleated paper is fitted into a funnel

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work. Such unfitness may be due to original defect, or to insufficient

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that the separateness and special work of the will are perceived. Stupor

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or neck, is almost as disfiguring as the original malady. The following

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of intellectual defect or disorder. They suffer from depression, it is true,


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