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subject of Cholera. This disease appeared at the New York
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The mechanism of closure in our view is complex, and is
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of a morbid state of the brain, by establishing in it irritation; con-
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After standing a few hours the mixture turns very light in color.
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menting spasm. The present result of the most careful observation of the
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of medical men. For about forty years little or no progress was made
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spine, and if the slightest tenderness be detected, according to the prac-
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stiff as bark from dried pus. Her entire left thigh,
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reported in 1994, compared with 141 in 1993. Armenia
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1 1th. Both ends of the worm drawn cut ; about fix inches of
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hence the instrument should not fit the urethra too tightly. A slight rota-
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haste one evening to see a dispensary child, whom the
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average for that city. Of these deaths, 45 were by diseases of the
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be more than most physicians would care to examine.
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To proceed to Tuckerton, N. J., for the purpose of making ph.\ -
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bondale, 111. The officers elected for the ensuing year are as follows: Presi-
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Physical and Mathematical Sciences, of the Impeiial Institute of France, on the work of M.
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contagious. Neurologists were not in the field in the
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reported by Matthewsoii with those published cases operated
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soft, friable mass could be felt presenting at the internal os.
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their condyles, in order to facilitate their articulation with the bones of the leg.
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from the interior of the intestine, which, under such cii-
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it would appear that the animal under these conditions became
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job lasted only 2 days because it was “too fast”
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that the suggestion we made in our notice of the Fourteenth
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to be healthy. The patient was a married woman, aged
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no possible harm if the disease should prove not to be diph-
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