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the discovery and assertion of itself; and Science, if
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appointments in the local service, which Englishmen
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and their own name on the door, keep their vehicles, and lead the
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says two drams of emetick wine is a sufficient doze
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are justified in resorting to the practice. There is,
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of tissue, the first of the above indications (i. e., the
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pui-ulent dischai'ge from the ear, and the pain had
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But while ^Ir. FarnaU, the Poor-law official, is ready-
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weU ascertained that they act chemically^ or physi-
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ness, particularly in region of liver, for which he had been
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found that this was not so, and many surgeons of the
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years, much vv,thm the period of our own 'memory, proyh.d^I
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tant contribution to the knowledge of typlius fever
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it is for one that knows how to value the quiet and
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a large pupil, which was entii-ely filled with opaque
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neal fistulre, through which a considerable proportion of
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aconite, etc., under the stress of a paroxysm of pain
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tion, and any fluctuations in the temperature indi-
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In both, abdominal inflammation, caused by violent blows, had
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sion, towards God, society, and one's-self. This is
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sont e'crits sans gout, noblesse, et sans genie, ils
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F. H. Lovell, W". Square, W. H. Tattersall. Practical
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viz., the reduction of the tumour. On calling to in-
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followed, in the great majority of cases, according to
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cock, Mr. Scourfield, M.P., Admiral Burney, Mr. Fer-
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night of the day of the amputation he slept well, never
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which she Uved, either at their own houses or at an
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very constantly if not invariably found to exist or-
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condition of the pxtient after the operation, then this
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other late writers. It is now Sir James's object to dc|)osit all
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smoke, his exasperated steam, his clangour, and fire
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value the expressed opinions of Poor-law Guardians,
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