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IB, Nutritional Status (see Table I, Sections 1.10-

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prophylaxis by continuous estradiol administration. Neurology

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with the subject, in order to counteract the erroneous im-

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rent. The general conclusion to which he has arrived in

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It is also established by tlie letters of gratitude, and

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best fill these indications? I might here remark that milk

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producing and modifying Disease. By W. B. Herrick, M.D.,

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protocol. 8 10 For example, Kershaw et al, used a com-

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PALS Renewal - McKennan Hospital, Sioux Falls; Info: Darcy Sherman-Justice, 339-8096.

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is selected according to the age and size of the patient

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tisfied, however, that I committed an error in presenting

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marily nervous ; and when they become inflammatory it is

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look more closely out for the "phthisical insanity," phthisis

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16. Medical Heroism. — There are few of our readers who

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There are no tubercles either on the ulcerated surface, nor

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indicative of the purulent stage of inflammation and of the

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cent, of children exposed to diphtheria the disease can be

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some. She eat a hard boiled egg yesterday, which caused

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employed iodide of potassium with great success in the second

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in a sufficient dose. Very many years have now elapsed since

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" Having lived a conscientious, upright life he was not

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epigastric tenderness ; limbs attenuated. His anaemic con-

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above, below, and around ; the popliteal artery and vein, as

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Medicine and Carla Leiferman, Dept of Social Services.

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ture of belladonna as a local application with advantage. In the

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For a long time past he has given up the lint, and smells

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help. The decision that came out of that meeting was to

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■her nurse that the room was becoming dark, and immediately

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penetrate further in the tubes. In bitches I had only seen

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toms of nausea and vertigo present. It is, however, obvious

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any ailm ent. Most of our prescription drugs are avail-


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