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tate in some cases from a mere examination to pronounce
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leucocytes per c.mm., there may yet be under 70 per cent, polymorpho-
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spirit at its extreme limit is still matter. It is better to
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with no bad result to themselves. No domestic animal has
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ease than tlie foot soldiers were [Introductio in notitiam
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This is the best possible showing for excision by the methods in vogue .
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The surface of the body presented a copious variolar eruption, consisting of small,
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Primary sarcoma of the iris is an exceedingly rare growth, but
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such strictures, and would be delighted to make the
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muscle of a grcjup supplied by the same terminal nerve is likely to be
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been called, but were unable to reduce the hernia by
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of expression, can you lay your hand on your heart,
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him it may be a safeguard when we recall instances of a fatal relapse
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Hospitals, or in private practice. It was on this account, that,
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Proctor C. Waldo, M.D., Clinical Associate in Pediatrics.
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fever, erysipelas, and septicemia (particularly from uterine infection),
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to reduce the acidity and diarrhea, 1 liter of the phosphate bufTer
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occurred, the abscess was opened by Dr. Fries, and a Lima bean was dis-
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Last Thursday Dr. Samuel introduced an aspirator needle, and found
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Moreover, to be enumerated in the difficulties, is the
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On .June 18th, 1858, late in the evening, I was sent
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perfect reduction, but it is my opinion that, in the major-
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is no disease at all. If the whitlow be in the little finger and
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improved, and the woman, falling into labour, was easily delivered
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tubes, and after multiplication pass to the oesophagus, and thence by the
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which, when removed from the mucous membrane, dried and throAvn
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A Report of two Cases of Sloughing Phagedcena. By Joseph
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the American Medical Association. December 19. 1914, p. 2182, and May 1, 1915. p. 1471 ; also The Mulford IHgett, May, 1915.
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tion in anticipation of encountering the problem of exposure to economic poisons among their
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clear and the condition is much improved. It should be remem-
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^Anderson, John P., and Goldberger, Joseph: "The relation of so-called
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In fifty cases of gunshot wounds, including all descriptions, treated thus by
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ings, as before stated. Paralysis of accommodation follows
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cision as a final stroke. It can be made use of easily in cases of
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fixed over the glottis so as to prevent the entrance of air. In a case which
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