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healthy, and, second, the making of them happy. The dyspeptic Puri-
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fact would have given the "improved" guillotine an advantage.
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drowsiness, with now and then severe headaches. Although
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delivery, 95 being primiparae, and 36 pluriparae. This no doubt,
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tension in some cases of calculous suppression. I would restrict
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1905 b. — Idem. [Abstract by R. Grashey] <Munchen. med. Wchnschr., v. 52
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The Galveston Medical Journal. Edited by Greensville Dowell, M. D.
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Miss M., aet. about 35 years, single, professional nurse, was
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contraries are dogmatically asserted, there is some truth in both views:
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light therapy for depression and bupropion
show that the pathological condition is of more importance
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will deliver his annual course of six lectures on the Anatomy
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geal mirror, sometimes in one direction and sometimes
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in prosecutions ; but the results, approximating theirs within 01 per cent, are
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slight tremor of the hands ; the urine contained lead but
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ated upon by the radical or excision method, about two
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Sec. 7. — ^The members of the Standing Committees whose ap-
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~ AsswEB. — As o\ir inquirer seems to have employed un-
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ever, progress so steadily that they cannot be said to be "arrested" at
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new principle, but was an adaptation of a device de-
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Subluxation of vertebral bodies, which may cause or
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G. K., 45 years of age, a strong and well-developed man who
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Pavia, 1889, 94-110. 1 pi. •. Actinomicosi congiunti-
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puncture are so satisfactory, that the author does not
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gie. Deutsche med. Wcbuschr., Berl., 1885, xi, 103. —
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of iodine or mild mercurial ointment may be used externally. To
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to be applied to the left side, which was still painful, and accom-
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December, 1897, Mr. Hovell transferred her to Mr. Eve
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to other diseases, which govern its external characters, its causation, its anato-
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to be the ruling principles. No mechanical restraint of any description is used


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