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and not in the nature of the accident He fears that tae

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stoppage with disintegration of the clot and renewal of tlie

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ence to some changes which take place in tlie air itself and which

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patients who before the injection had shown none at all. But in

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the stomach the percussion should be made from above downward

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the State Examining Board at Morehead the forceps crush the bone sufficiently to

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the spasms ceased and the following day the patient appeared

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operation the total decline has been from to per or

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first and only child nine years ago. The child was born at fall

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seven years on this basis and from these classes city dairy

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disease progresses epistaxis and deafness are absent. The puerperal

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drawing the opposite limb forward with a line passed

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viscosity increases slowl under these conditions. As the table

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theter passed into it and having a gum elastic cloth

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former author considers the venom an organic base precipitated by

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which many people would offer as sufficient explanation of

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aurium disturbances of the circulation and of respiration

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to be learned. The following general statements however have

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days bolstered ujj in a chair his legs cedematous his

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sized tumors with long diameters parallel with the broad

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Let it be fully understood that the writer does not

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and tedious and the solitary gland cavities may enlarge very

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the so called instruments of precision. There is far greater danger of being

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same serum. The fact that even with his liberal method of

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enucleated by him from its peritoneal envelope. The indications have

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to them. That is by forming district societies under the Branch. This

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method and his first report was followed by two memoirs in which he

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membranes dura mater arachnoid and pia mater share alike in the

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peculiarities of each particular growth will perhaps indicate the true

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ble but since he tacitly admits that it does not apply to all


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