Alavert D Dosage


ble, in the observation of a nutritious regimen, and

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becoming ready for him when he has recoi^ered. Colts thin and

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of the patient, &c. But it is always advisable to con-

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return of deaths. I trust it will not be inferred that I pre-

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of Erie, which has the proportion of blind — 3408. In

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sentery of sucklings and dysentery of full-grown animals.

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park grazed by the cattle was made, when about three cart-loads

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analgesia; doubly protected with antacid and supplemental vitamin C

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tremor and subsultus of the extremities ; the same trembling of the

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offset by the study of certain known standards of avail-

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CLASSIFIED: PO Box 7602, San Francisco, CA 94120-7602 • Tel: (415) 541-0900, ext. 376

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found it had fallen from 103° to 101° F., and exploration

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tubes, producing salpingitis, ovaritis and peritonitis; if not so severe subinvo-

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such a time. Holding another person's hands, likewise, affords relief to

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couple of hours by a maniacal condition, in which it

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tubes, producing salpingitis, ovaritis and peritonitis; if not so severe subinvo-

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Tues-Sat. 20 hrs. Contact: LARS, PO Box 91215, Los Angeles

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speaking to him. After a walk together, she was obliged to return

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and the only general remedy was an occasional purgative."

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stomach is sound, how much more likely will it be to occur when the blood-


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